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Although CCMR was officially formed in 2011, the founders began working together in 2008. David and Neil rapidly developed their unique blend of practical, enjoyable workshops with added features you can trust to successfully achieve long term learning.

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In 2017, David and Neil published their successful career and life-skills development guide Moving From Ready Later To Ready Now. The guide allows a much greater number of individuals to plan and achieve the success they need using key tools from  CCMR’s personal development workshops. The founders regularly enjoy receiving  stories about the positive changes readers have made  by following the book’s step-by-step approach.


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Our Founders

David M Smith. Coach, Educator, Author of career-growth guide Moving From Ready Later To Ready Now

David M Smith

David M Smith is an international executive coach, teaches personal and organisational development skills and writes. He says that graduating as an electronics engineer taught him how to identify the root of problems, create practical solutions and share them so that others can benefit too. David has corporate experience in senior global-leadership roles within information services and research and development. In addition, he has over 15 years’ experience as a coach. David has worked in Japan, USA and UK and lives in northwest England, UK with his family and dog. In his personal time, he enjoys supporting his local church, hiking in the Derbyshire hills, wrestling with new technology and practising yoga. David is a registered NLP and PRINCE2 Practitioner.  Connect with David at  or

Neil V Raval

Neil V Raval is an executive coach to senior leaders internationally. He teaches personal and organisational development programmes, has an MBA and is a registered NLP practitioner. Neil explains that graduating as a Chemical engineer taught him the value of finding practical approaches to success which can be repeated. He lives in the northwest of England, UK with his family and dogs. In the corporate world, Neil has extensive experience of manufacturing, research & development, project and change management. His personal time is spent singing, supporting the Scout movement and walking the dogs. Connect with Neil at or

Neil V Raval. Coach, Educator, Author of career-growth guide Moving From Ready Later To Ready Now

We are driven by our values

Our values don’t just define who we are, they help us make our clients successful


Sustained approach

Our teaching methods use a stretch-consolidate-stretch approach which re-enforces the learning so the results and value are long-lasting. We’re often told the results have transformed the behaviours and success of the learners.

Working with, not on

We work with our clients, rather than on them.  We build strong relationships with our clients and create strong relationships between individuals attending a program. This strengthens the culture of openness and trust.

Individuals, not just the organisation

Each person we work with recognises how they benefit personally from our workshops. Benefits which often extend well beyond the workplace. This motivates them to embrace new behaviours, which then have a lasting, positive impact on their organisation.

Leaving a heritage we’re proud of

We’re proud of creating a heritage of individuals who are more confident in themselves and their learning. They are highly motivated to use their new skills and are enthusiastic about passing on their knowledge to others. They often receive feedback that they have strengthened their personal resilience and they approach any change, in role or organisation, with a positive, can-do attitude.


We deliberately take steps to add a spirit of enjoyment and fun in all we do. For those we teach and for ourselves too.

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