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Accelerate Your Career Faster. Book : Moving From Ready Later To Ready Now

Grab essential, free templates and exercise downloads from our successful career development  book Moving From Ready Later To Ready Now.

Our career-coach guide gives you a structured approach to deciding and taking the next steps to accelerate your career. 

Along with lots of new and valuable career building tools and techniques, the book supplies templates and exercises to guide your progress and success. If you prefer not to make your notes directly in your book, you can download a copy of the  templates and exercises from the list below.

Become More Job-Happy

Discover what’s most important in a job to make you happy. Take our Core Values Quiz. You’ll discover which are your most important priorities so you’ll know precisely what you are looking for. Then you can tell others what you’re looking for and get their help.

Find Balance For Your Work And Life

Grab this free tool to guide you in achieving the balance you want between work and life as you quickly grow your career. You’ll immediately become clear about what’s most important to you and become confident to make the right decisions to give you the balance you desire.

Make Your Self Development Plan

Get help organising the self development changes you need to get the rewarding job and career you deserve. Personal changes feel far more achievable when you describe them precisely. So firstly, this tool leads you step-by-step to develop your plan. Then the included coaching questions will challenge you to add the essential precision which makes all the difference.

Become A More Effective Manager

You’ll find lots of tips in the book to help you become a more effective manager.  Knowing when to use mentoring and when to use coaching is key for your success and the success of your staff. 
This quiz will tell you whether you are a mentoring or coaching manager right now, and how to be more successful by applying each skill appropriately.

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